Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Christians Should Learn

At this moment, I am looking at a debate that is saddening my heart.( in the comment box, the video is AMAZING if you want to watch it) There are a couple of things I have notice that reflects the current state that American Christianity is really in. Here are a few things I have noted;

-First, Christians really do not know their opponents' arguments. When it comes to debating evolution, alot of the arguments that come from Ken Ham or the Evolution Handbook will go down the drain quickly. Arguing that science says the Earth is 6,000 years old will not convince an atheist of your point of view. That is a rather weak argument. You see, we have something that we view the world and everything in it called a worldview. As Christians, we intepret the world and everything in it(History, philosophy, politics, etc.)through the lens of Scripture. An atheist inteprets the world in accords with himself and the presupposition that God does not exist. Within the past century, the philosophies of neo-darwinism,post-modernism, and Marxism have crept into the American way of life. The sad thing is a majority of Christians themselves have embraced those ideas. Christians today do not have any discernment at all.

-Secondly, Christians need to have a better grasp at spelling and proper grammar. It is a shame to Christianity and Church of Jesus Christ that Christians do not know how to spell basic words. When unbelievers read writings from the average Christian, they might view Christianity as full of unintelligent,retarded,dumb people. Sorry that I said those three unpleasant words, but we need to differentiate ourselves from the unintelligent by raising the bar. Christians need to learn how to write and how to spell words such as wednesday, Christian, or even the word "for"( Which most people use the number 4 instead of the word) We need to show a lost and dying world the light not by being apart of the darkness, but by being more Christ-like.

-Thirdly,name calling is not going to get you anywhere. It is just going to make things worst. Calling somebody stupid is not an effective way to debate. Proper debate is about the topic your debating and never about the person your debating. What this unbeliever did in the debate by calling everyone who argued against a "retart" is not the way to portray your position. Even Christians said things such as "I hope you burn in hell" and called the atheist names. Guys, we are suppose to represent Christ in all that we do. I hate to say this, we are becoming more like the world and less like Christ.

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