Thursday, September 16, 2010

Book Review God and Government

Here is something new that I will be doing. I will be looking at books and be recommending them to you. The first book is God and Government: A Biblical and Historical Study by Gary DeMar. If you want to know America's historical heritage, this is the book to read.

What do you think when you hear the word government? Do you think about the Capitol Building or say "the government will take care of us?" Those are modern today terms that reflect the socialistic mindset of many Americans. government is more than that! The state is just one government among many, there are individual, family, church, and civil governments. Today, nobody sees it that way. Author Gary DeMar writes, "If generations continue to be indoctrinated with the modern definition, as they have been, they will neglect their own personal, family, church, and local governing duties. They will believe that these duties are outside their area of authority and responsibility. Each generation will become more dependent on the 'benevolent' state for their care and security."(Page 5) Throughout this book, your view on what government has been will be turned upside down! You can order this book at It is worth the $15-20 that you can spend on video games or whatever.

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