Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Resources on Biblical Eschatology

http://americanvision.org/ has some good articles out on this topic.
http://freebooks.entrewave.com/freebooks/docs/html/kgbj/kgbj.html Before Jerusalem Fell by Kenneth Gentry
http://freebooks.commentary.net/freebooks/docs/html/kghs/kghs.html He Shall Have Dominion by Kenneth Gentry
http://www.thisisnext.org/resources/ I recommend Jeff Purswell's message on the End Times. Of course, all the other messages on there are good.
http://www.entrewave.com/freebooks/docs/21de_47e.htm Paradise Restored by David Chilton
http://www.entrewave.com/freebooks/docs/2226_47e.htm Days of Vengence by David Chilton
Hope this helps!

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