Friday, September 17, 2010

Al Mohler: Marriage in a Post-Proposition 8 Culture

I stumbled upon this video on this site
I strongly believe we need to keep ourselves informed on issues such as homosexual marriage, abortion, radical feminism, and other important issues. We need to do this because if we want to preach the gospel to others, we need to know what lies on the battlefield. For young people, we need to prepare ourselves for what lies ahead and how we can deal with these issues. It is of paramount importance. If the Church takes a philosophy of defeat, nothing will get done and things will continue to get worse with that kind of thinking. The Gospel will never be proclaimed and we will be disobeying God for not obeying his command to disciple all nations(Matthew 28). I pray that the church repents from its defeatist attitude that it has today and be prepared to fight the battle.

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