Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What is wrong with our government officials

In our society today there are many problems. There is crime, greed, diseases, and immorality shaping the American landscape. But has anyone considered that our own government is heading towards corruption also? We need to heed the words of Abraham Lincoln "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves." One way we can do that is by electing the inexperienced, socialists, communists, and facists into the positions of either a representative, senator, or even the President. The history of this happening, how this is ocurring today, and what Americans should be doing can all make the difference in perserving our freedom and our country.

First, one way we can we can learn about what is happening in our society today is to learn what happened in the past. Even in the Ancient times, the fall of societies such as the Assyrians, Babylonians, and the Romans are all related to government officials being greedy, exploitation, and plain laziness on the people. The fall of the Babylonians was recorded in the Bible. In Chapter five of the book of Daniel it records King Belshazzar having a grand feast when he was suppose to be preparing for war against the rising Persians. Belshazzar was known to be a horrible ruler and as a result there was corruption, gluttony, and a weakening of the army. The Roman Republic fell through those same precepts that Babylon did. Because Rome was run on democratic principles, the mobs there were thrown into the heart of Rome ,as a result of slaves being brought increasing unemployment, were voting for Representation. As "Streams of Civilization" History textbook put it, "Evil men exchanged food and wine for the votes of hungry people." One thing to note was that Rome had the first welfare system, which meant they recieved free food and entertainment. Also, there was trouble in the Roman army. The Romans started using a professional army because the people who usually did all the fighting, the land owners, didn't want to fight. The problem with this was that a soldier's alligence was not to Rome, it was to the general who was paying him his salary. Then there were civil wars and the Republic turned into the Roman Empire. History is a key to understanding what is going on today in America.

Secondly, how does all that history apply to America today? First, there is greed in our government and in our country. The United States is probably, sad to say, the most greedy country in the world. This country has everything that a person in a third world country would only dream of. The government is expressing greed by expanding its power to places where it shouldn't be(aka. the private sector). They now want to control every aspect of our lives throug legislation such as healthcare reform and through taxation. Second, there is corruption in our government. With Obama's "czars", alot of them are ex-criminals and self proclaimed communists. These include Van Jones(a communist who blamed president Bush for 9/11), Jeff Crowley(Pro-homosexual), and Vivek Kundra(Who monitors all public information and private e-mails). Finally, there is laziness in our society and government. In fact, our society is idle to the point that some people don't even want to exercise(No wonder obesity is on the rise). There is a generation coming who will not learn proper thinking that going to be our next leaders. Also, America's work ethic has been on the decline in recent decades. As with the other civilazations, our military is going downhill. This is what's going on America.

Thirdly, there are things that need to be done in order to save this great country. First, do away with greed and corruption by voting incompetent politicans out of office and replace them with those who represent the people and can do the job properly. Second, be informed about what is going on in our country. Know what bills are in congress and everything else that's going on. Finally, let America return to the values that she was built upon. Let us do all this and we will be on the road to recovery.

In closing, the history, how it applies, and what we can do about it plays a major role in where we will go as a country. As we saw, a country's decline, like America's, is more on the inside than on the outside. Let us from this day forward be more aware of what is happening on the inside and less on the outside.

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