Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Economics of the family

In American society today, there are a wide variety of movements that believe they are telling you the truth. There is the feminist movement that is telling you that men are monsters and that women need to be liberated from them. On top of that, you have the homosexual movement saying that all families are equal and that same-sex marriage is normal. For Christians, the truth is found in the Word of God. What God’s Word says is true for all times and places. This is true when it comes to marriage and the family. Because practicing marriage and family life from the Bible works, strong societies, churches and families are produced.
To start, we need to look at what the Bible says when it comes to matters such as marriage and family life. As we all know, God’s providential design includes man and woman. The man is the representative of Christ by leading his wife and children. 1 Corinthians 11:3 says that “But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.” Man is reflecting Christ by leading his family. This relationship reflects the one between Christ and His church (Ephesians 5:22-23). The wife is made to be a helper and a companion to her husband. Genesis 2:18 says, “The LORD God said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.’” Woman also represents her husband to her children and the world. Because the husband is the head and the woman represents, the woman submits to her husband’s leadership.
With a biblical basis for masculinity and feminity, it creates a stronger society. French thinker Alexis de Tocqueville noticed a major difference between America’s families and those from Europe;
"There is certainly no country in the world where the tie of marriage is more respected than in
America, or where conjugal happiness is more or worthily appreciated. In Europe, almost all the
Disturbances of society arise from the irregularities of domestic life. To despise the natural bonds
And legitimate pleasure of home is to contract a taste for excesses, a restlessness of heart, and
Fluctuating desires. Agitated by the passions that frequently disturb the dwelling, the European
Is galled by obedience which the legislative powers of the state exact. But when the American
retires from the turmoil of public life to the bosom of his family, he finds it the image of order
and peace. There his pleasures are simple and natural, his joys are innocent and calm…"1
America, which was established on a Christian worldview, valued the roles given to man and woman. As a result, the home was a place of peace and joy. In America’s past, there has been a strong interesting in protecting this relationship. It offers many benefits that no other relationship or institution can give. The first is that children are better off being raised by a married couple than a homosexual couple or by a parent with multiple partners. Research has shown that a child that lives with both of his parents has a higher achievement in education. Sandra Jofferth, researcher for the journal Demography, has shown that children who live in intact families score the highest on cognitive achievement tests and have the lowest rate on behavior issues.2 In early American history, education was handled by the parents and not by the state(Through the public school system). It has been demonstrated that “colonial mothers often achieved more than our modern-day elementary schools with their federally-funded programs and education specialists. These colonial mothers used simple, time-tested methods of instruction mixed with plain, old-fashioned hard work. Children were not ruined by educational experiments developed in the ivory towers of academe.”3 Without a penny of one’s tax dollars, children have been able to read how to read from their mama because she was practicing her Biblical as a wife and a mother . Her husband was working providing and protecting the family giving her the chance to work with the children. Another advantage to a solid family is that children are far less likely to commit crime. The Heritage Foundation has noted that the rise in crime is parallel to the rise of single mother families and the rate of violent crimes by teenagers is proportional to the number of families abandoned by their dad. On the other hand, they have noted that the mother’s affection for her children has contributed to keeping kids out of crime and the father’s authority and involvement in the lives of his kids keeps them always from crime.4 When the family is operating within its proper realms(As defined by Scripture), the advantages work.
The breakdown of the family leads to the collapse of nations and societies. When Rome fell, one of the subtle moves that surrounded its demise is the breakdown of the family structure. Richard Saller, Roman historian and history professor, writes, “According to the Roman writers of the first century BCE and first century CE, divorce became increasingly frequent after 200 BCE, initiated easily by the husband or the wife. In addition, wives had their own property, which they could sell, give away or bequeath as they liked. As a result, women became more liberated and less dependent on their husbands.”5 The men were abdicating their authority as head of the household and women were more concerned about wealth and their beauty than their families. It is the equivalent to modern day feminism and the destruction of traditional feminity. During that time, sons showed deep disrespect for their fathers and pursued fleeting pleasures such as women and wine. What this eventually led to was the social upheaval and the civil wars that brought the Roman Republic to an end.6 The Roman historian Polybius has made reference to rampant homosexuality among the upper class and was accepted as entertainment. He writes, “Polybius was on the one hand very happy to see the enthusiasm and affection of the young man, yet was embarrassed when he reflected on the high position of the family and the wealth of its members. However, after this mutual explanation the young man never left his side, and preferred his society to anything else. From that time onwards continuing in the actual conduct of life to give proof to each other of their worth, they came to regard each other with an affection like that of father and son or near relations.”7 Does this sound familiar? Yes, many of these elements are present in America today. According to Carle Zimmerman, author of Family and Civilization, there are eight patterns that are indictors that a nation is declining. They are; the breakdown of marriage and an increase in divorce, traditional marriage becomes meaningless, feminism rises, an increasing disrespect for parents and authority, the youth becomes delinquent and rebellious, people in traditional marriages adamantly refuse their family responsibilities, a widespread acceptance of homosexuality and other sexual perversions, and a increasing public acceptance of adultery.8 Those elements were present in Rome and they are in the United States today. Let us do our part to undo this trend and let America once again be a light and a symbol of hope and freedom to the world.
The family unit is a threat to totalitarian and oppressive governments. When the Communists took over Russia one of the first items on their agenda was to destroy the traditional family. In 1917, the Council of People’s Commissars legalized no-fault divorce. Fellow Marxist Alexandra Kollontai writes, “The decree of the Council of People’s Commissars issued on 18 December 1917 means that divorce is, no longer a luxury that only the rich can afford; henceforth, a working woman will not have to petition for months or even for years to secure the right to live separately from a husband who beats her and makes her life a misery with his drunkenness and uncouth behaviour. Divorce by mutual agreement now takes no more than a week or two to obtain. Women who are unhappy in their married life welcome this easy divorce.”9 When divorce is legalized beyond its original intentions(Which are in case of abuse and spousal unfaithful), marriage no longer has protection it needs. One can just file out a piece of paper and the deal is done. No reasons for the divorce are required. In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx has written, quite vocally, about the family. He writes, “On what foundation is the present family, the bourgeois family, based? On capital, on private gain. In its completely developed form, this family exists only among the bourgeoisie. But this state of things finds its complement in the practical absence of the family among the proletarians, and in public prostitution.”10 What Marx believes in was that the family is rooted in the concept of private property. Because the traditional family can support itself, oppressive governments view this as a threat to their agenda of welfare and socialism. It does not depend on the government for its livelihood and survival. Even the idea that families can teach their own children is also a threat because it builds loyalty to the church and family, not the state. The family teaches values that are contrary to what the “elites” and the Party want to indoctrinate children in. James Bales, author of Communism: Its Faith and Fallacies,writes, “Although communists in Russia have had to retreat from efforts to destory the family, they are endeavoring through their educational system, including the nurseries, to build loyalty to the Party rather than the home.”11 They want the unconditional obedience from the masses and the family is one obstacle in the way.
Finally, Americans need to realize that this great and mighty country is heading downhill like Rome was. If the father/husband of the family is out of the picture, the state replaces him as the provider and protector. As a result, welfare programs develop to counterfeit what the head of the household can do. In Rome, what ultimately brought the Republic down were massive taxation, free food and entertainment, and deep debt. America is heading towards the same direction with government bailouts, progressive taxation/distribution of wealth, and many entitlements. A congressional reports states that “No thought was given to the possibility that public assistance predicated on the absence of a male head of household might lead to an increase in the number of such families. If you subsidize something, usually you get more of it, and this has been the case with the single parent families and the welfare system. We believe the evidence supports two propositions: (1) Welfare has increased the incidence of single parent families and contributed to the decline in traditional families (two married parents living together with their children); and (2) Welfare has contributed to illegitimate babies being produced to obtain or increase public assistance payments.”12 Once the family is on the decline, more and more people will get on government welfare. This trend is very difficult to reverse and it can end very violently if government tries to undo entitlement programs. Let us not repeat history and not go down the road that ultimately leads to destruction.
In closing, the family provides benefits that no other institution or relationship can counterfeit. History tells us that when alternatives to the Biblical family are accepted in society, the consequences lead to ruin and chaos. America needs to learn from the past and escape the judgment that God will use on our society for our sin. The destruction of traditional marriage and the exaltation of homosexuality will ultimately lead to catastrophic ruin. Don’t be like Rome, America, please repent and come back to the One who is looking down in love, ready to discipline us if we continue in our corrupt ways.

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  1. This is incredible. I agree with your point; in fact I attended a sermon just recently where the pastor brought up similar facts and argued that the problem with America is not that Americans aren't in the Church, but that the Church is not in America. Our country was founded on Christian principles (unlike the common misconception that it was founded on separation of church and state, which is almost always misunderstood), and now that we have shunned God in America it is so easily apparent that we are suffering... but that we could fix so many of our problems if only we would come back to him - and it is the church's duty to inspire and turn nonbelievers towards God. I really admire the time you spend in writing your blogs, your meticulous attention to detail and your logically argued points. Wow! Your writing is of a level far beyond your years. It's nice to know people my age taken an interest in politics (especially from a Christian perspective), too.

  2. Thanks Lacy! Do you by any chance have a link to this sermon you mentioned? I would love to hear it!