Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The foundations of American society part 1

It has been several months since I have posted. This post will deal with one foundation in American society that is missing today. That foundation is the family. Now might be asking, "Why is the family important." Well... The family government is the cornerstone of thriving societies and churches. Christian reconstructionist R.J. Rushdoony wrote, "The family is man's first state, church, and school. It is the institution which provides the basic structure of his existence and most governs his activities. Man is reared in a family and then establishes a family, passing from the governed to the governing in a framework which extensively and profoundly shapes his concept of himself and of life in general." If parents don't take their responsibility as covenantal heads seriously, then our government and our churches will be filled with those hungry for power, wealth, and wanting to take advantage of others under them. As presbyterian pastor and theologian Brian Schwertely puts it, " Pulpits by and large will be filled with false prophets and the offices of civil magistrates will be filled with liars and whore-mongers." How we govern our families will determine the future of this country. Will parents invest in their children who will be the next generation to run our country?


  1. Hey man, found your blog from the Rebelution! I've never had a taste for politics. I prefer to stay away from them since they seem like a lost cause nowadays. But I like what you have to say. I fully agree. I attend a small church with a youth group of 15-25 students, and there are only three families (six students) that have both original parents still at home. The results are bad and messy. I know from experience that a strong family usually produces strong children. The opposite is true as well. True rebelution starts at home. Keep rockin' man!

  2. Thanks man! Just so you know I am following you on your blog also!